What to expect – at a glance

Holistic View

It´s easy to get lost in the digital marketing jungle. We provide you with a bird’s eye view by identifying the critical elements which are the base for every successful digital marketing strategy.

Leading Experts

Prof. Jürgen Seitz, a pioneer in the field of digital marketing, will guide you through the course. You will also learn from other leading digital marketing experts from companies such as Google, Zalando & Dentsu Aegis.

Daily Relevance

The discussed frameworks and our tips will help you manage your daily marketing. Additionally, all of our exercises aim to be related to your current activities. This will save you valuable time.

Learning Experience

Like us, you probably know how dreadful online trainings can be. Therefore, our goal is not only to provide you with relevant content, but to deliver it in an entertaining and straightforward fashion.

What you will learn in this online course

Digital marketing has never before enabled more opportunities for marketers. At the same time, it is more complex and fast changing than ever.

Consequently, it is easy to get lost in buzzwords or hop on to new channels and strategies without having a solid plan. Yet, there are many things that are critical and imperative for any kind of digital marketing activity.

This self-paced online course aims to teach you about the critical factors that underlie every effective digital marketing strategy, no matter which channel you market on.

By interviewing experts and exploring key concepts you will learn about:

  • How the new marketing reality affects the way you should market online
  • The mind- & skill set of effective digital marketers, such as acting agile and performance driven
  • A digital marketing framework that provides you with a guideline for your marketing activities
  • Identifying and developing your ideal customer and knowing whom to avoid
  • Determining where, when and how to promote your product or service
  • Identifying meaningful goals, how to improve conversions and how to measure your ROI


  1. The new marketing reality and consequences for marketers
  2. The mind – & skill set of effective digital marketers
  3. The digital marketing framework
  4. Analyzing and developing customers
  5. The attribution challenge
  6. Knowing what to go for and how to measure success

Your course instructors

Industry experts

Julia Stern - Zalando

Julia Stern

VP Performance Marketing

Patrick Singer - Google

Patrick Singer

Program Developer

Zoja Paskaljevic - Dentsu Aegis Network Germany

Zoja Paskaljevic


Christian Pern


How we deliver the content

Self paced
online course

24 video units
(á 5 – 7 min)

Additional material
with tips and how to´s

Immediate contact to
fellow students & Prof. Seitz


Our videos are the basis of the course and cover the essentials of each topic. To enable you a great learning experience, the videos include:

  • Sequences by our course guides
  • Interviews with digital marketing experts
  • Play scenes by professional actors
  • Animations and graphics

Additional material

On top of that, you will have access to regularly updated additional material (links, text, pdf´s, videos etc.) that allows you to dive deeper into a topic and learn about specific tools and tactics.


You will gain access to an interactive global community. You can discuss with your fellow students, ask questions and contact Prof. Seitz to get indivual tips.

Who is this course for?

This course is tailored to people who are interested in gaining a holistic understanding of the critical elements in digital marketing.

  • Top-level management responsible for high-level business and revenue-driving strategies.
  • Traditional offline business managers and marketers who want to learn more about digital marketing opportunities.
  • Middle and entry-level management looking to move into higher positions of responsibility.
  • All marketers and product managers responsible for attracting and developing customers online.
  • Anyone looking to change their career in the direction of digital marketing.

Want to learn more about specific strategies and channels (such as content marketing, search engine marketing or facebook advertising)?

Get in touch with us to enrol or for further information!



This course is hosted by iversity.org. They will also provide you with a statement of participation after completing the course.

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